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The Cube World Alpha Download may be out for a lot of weeks now. While there are some obvious changes that should be made, the overall game shows a lot of promise!

For the uninitiated Cube World demo download is definitely an open world, randomly/procedurally generated action game similar to the Legend of Zelda or Darksiders. You setup a character by deciding on a class (warrior, ranger, rogue, or mage) and one of several races (from humans to elves to frogmen plus more). After this you build a world having a name and a seed, the seed provides number for the random number in the sport code. From there you happen to be dropped in to a world and left to your own devices.

Here’s where one of the leading problems arise, there is not any tutorial. You either figure things out or Google them. This is forgivable due to the nature of the game being an alpha nonetheless it can make things difficult for new players. A friend played the action for around 5 hours before he knew there was a dodge that offers you invincibility. The controls can currently ‘t be remapped which will make some from the controls feel a bit awkward. Trying to climb a wall while using ctrl key while wanting to move with WASD can be hard.

All this aside there exists still a lot of fun to be had. Exploring the world can lead to teleportation stones, a city, castles, caves, giant trees, lakes, oceans, plus more. The world is divided into biomes, and they’re huge. You can even use a hang glider or sailboat to get around the world. You also have selecting getting a pet and several of them work as mounts.

One thing that should be addressed could be the speed at which you move around. Mount speed is fairly slow. Hung gliding can get you around relatively quickly if you can find enough areas to jump from. The fastest way to obtain around is sailing but naturally this can be only useful if you realise a decent river or an ocean biome. Walking by way of a biome, just going straight through, generally seems to take forever. You could spend 10 to 15 minutes going in a straight line by having a biome. If you might be exploring it isn’t bad, however when you have somewhere specific you would like to go it can be somewhat daunting.

In Cube World free download as you will get experience you get levels and skill points. Currently you only have 3 attack skills and six passive skills pet health, swimming, climbing, mount speed, hang gliding and sailing. The latter two affect your speed while using the method of travel. A more advanced skill tree is planned. So eventually the tree could really let you customize your playstyle more.

You also get loot because you kill enemies. It may be something or equipment. Sometimes it’ll be a formula. The difference between a rare item and common one can be quite large. Ultimately rare items and formulas will be the main draw to killing enemies apart from experience. Currently the simplest way to level up takes on the missions (crossed swords around the map) which can help you level much faster.

Cube World Demo Download is obviously still alpha but despite that the two person team has a great deal of features implemented and the game shows a great deal of potential. Playing with four to five people over a sever can eat away your time and effort quickly. Currently after you explore a number of biomes and acquire to level 40 or 50 it may well start to have old. This will likely change since they get more added to the action and improve travel speed.

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What is Cube World?

Cube World Download

Cube World is an action role-playing game for the PC made by Wollay. It has been developed since July 2011.

It’s inspirated on games like Zelda, MineCraft or Diablo and many other classic Role-Playing Games, Cube World aims to be the perfect mix of RPG elements, exploration, action, and creation.

Cube World game is still in developed, newest version is Cube World Alpha 0.0.2